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10 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair To Try in 2023

    thin haircuts

    With the power of the modest scissor and the proper cutting touch, thin hair may be transformed significantly. A decent haircut, when executed properly, may give thin strands the appearance of stylish, just-woke-up-like-this volume. Hair that is thin and falls flat may be caused by a variety of causes, including genetics, dietary changes, and age, to mention a few.

    But if you’re one of the individuals working with thin hair, don’t fret; it’s rather common: “There are so many more celebrities and models with thin hair than we think,” says Lisa Weller, hairdresser, and owner of Twirl Salon in San Antonio, Texas. Yes, individuals, or in this instance the stars, are similar to us. And just as celebrities may feign a bigger head of hair via the magic of shears and razors, so can you, even if you don’t have an A-list budget.

    The greatest haircuts for thin hair come in a variety of lengths, which is the first step in creating the illusion of more volume. Here, we discussed with experts how to achieve perfection.

    1. Straight and Sharp

    thin haircuts

    The abrupt image is “very effective,” according to Ash Therese, another hairdresser at the Bird House salon. The greatest alternatives for thin hair are blunt cuts, and Therese’s secret is to produce a “point-cut” perimeter as opposed to a plain straight line. Recreate Karlie Kloss’s lob, which seems to be capable of slicing through anything, using a ceramic tourmaline flatiron such as the Beachwaver Coast Pro. To style, use the iron to raise the hair at the root for volume, then smooth it while creating the appearance of breadth with a tiny inward curve.

    2. Faux Blunt

    thin haircuts

    This lob seems as if it might be cut in a single straight line (and then styled with curls, of course), but Therese has a suspicion that it was created that way. Therese explains, “If you look closely, you’ll see that most of [Mindy Kaling’s] haircuts appear blunt, but the perimeter has texture, giving it more movement and a lighter feel.” At her salon, she uses mousse to give volume to her hair. (For this, we recommend the Living Proof Thickening Mousse.) “Mousse has a bit of a negative image, but if you use a high-quality mousse on fine hair, you’ll never go back,” she adds. It has the ability to thicken practically every hair strand on your head at the level of the fibers.

    3. Blunt Bob

    thin haircuts

    This blunt cut allows you to produce a larger appearance without the use of layers. Jennifer Yepez, a New York-based hairdresser, explains, “All the hair at the bottom is shaved off so that it has the highest density and seems ultra-chic.” “Never use a razor unless it has a straight edge, and never use thinning shears for blunt cuts like Bella Hadid’s,” the stylist said. Yepez also loves to apply mousse to complete this look. Try the winner of the Best of Beauty award, IGK Big Time Volume, and Thickening Mousse. Apply it from the roots to the ends of your hair with a comb, and voila! Instant volume without the weight.

    4. Sculpted Shag

    thin haircuts

    Shag hairstyles from the 1970s are making a major comeback, and celebrities like Barbie Ferreira are putting their own spin on the style. The bangs balance out the thin, tapered ends, and the close-cropped version worn by Ferreira makes thin hair seem sculpted and stylish. Sally Hershberger, a hairdresser based in New York City, explains, “This low-maintenance cut is ideal for thin hair because the jagged layers give loads of movement and structure, providing the appearance that hair is fuller.”

    5. Classic Lob

    thin haircuts

    We imagine a lob to be the hairdo that Goldilocks would choose: It is neither too lengthy nor too short; it falls just in the center. Request a haircut just above the shoulders, like Margot Robbie’s, at the hairdresser.

    It resembles Hadid’s in that it is devoid of layers and quite blunt. Consider this cut if you have thin hair since it produces the illusion of heavier ends. To style, create a deep side part, use Amika Blockade Hair Defense Serum, and then softly turn your ends out with a flatiron to enhance volume.

    6. Midlength With Long Layers

    thin haircuts

    Long, choppy layers generate movement in Joan Smalls’s shoulder-length hair. However, observe that the layers are minimal, thereby preserving the overall volume and body. This cut is ideal for those with thin, naturally textured, but chemically straightened or relaxed hair, which maintains its shape and allows the various lengths to emphasize volume.

    Close examination reveals that Small’s layers begin halfway between the crown and ends. Teddi Cranford, hairstylist, owner, and creative director of White Rose Collective in New York City, suggests adding a volumizing powder to your routine to make the hair appear fuller. It is an excellent tool for creating the illusion of thicker strands. Consider utilizing the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder.

    7. Uniform Medium Length With Blunt Ends

    Say hello to the haircut that looks great on virtually everyone. A medium, one-length haircut with blunt ends (see a pattern?) offers the illusion of thick hair with relative ease. In addition, the length gives you extra style options, such as a sloppy bun or a high ponytail. Do you wonder whether this style will complement your facial shape? Cranford is unconcerned. “I believe it’s more about a person’s personal style and overall vibe,” she says. “Confidence will get you far.”

    8. Medium-Length With Side Bangs

    thin haircuts

    According to Yepez, side bangs frame the face strategically. The medium length of Suki Waterhouse’s hair is the ideal complement to her fringe. Why? Bangs add volume and distract from thin hair, particularly at the crown.

    Since they sit at eye level, side bangs, if you have them, are likely the first thing people notice about your hair. Add a few spritzes of texturizing spray to achieve a look like that of Waterhouse. “The key is to style hair with texture so that it appears fuller,” she explains.

    9. Deep Side Part

    thin haircuts

    Similar to Saldana’s style but somewhat farther from the center, Cara Delevingne’s deep side part creates actual thickness and volume on the selected side of the face. Hershberger uses deep side parts to provide “additional body” to the hair, then finishes the cut with mousse. Try the Best of Beauty-winning Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse by John Frieda.

    “Many people believe that mousse is solely intended for curlier hair, but I use it to produce stunning, full-bodied blowouts on straighter hair,” she explains. The finest feature is that it is so light that it will not weigh down tiny strands.

    10. Layers and Texture

    thin haircuts

    Bailey Englert, a hairdresser at Fekkai in New York City, advises customers to opt for textured looks at any length, giving the appearance of layers and preserving a one-length style to produce softness, lift, and volume.

    We would describe J-cut Law’s and windblown texture here as “soft.” This mostly one-length, mid-length, center-parted design is boosted by the use of vivacious texture. Englert advises using a texturizing spray, such as the Best of Beauty-winning Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray, to produce and “keep volume and fullness.”

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